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The TLS is the world’s leading magazine for literature and ideas.

In an ever-quickening culture of flipness and facility, fake news and Facebook, the TLS is determined to be part of the counter-culture of quality.  We believe in expertise, breadth and depth. We believe in the importance of ideas, and the transformative power of art. And we believe that, in reading the TLS, you are supporting a set of values that we have been proud to uphold for more than a hundred years.

We publish book reviews, book extracts, essays and poems from leading writers from around the world.  We cover far more than just literature, featuring major articles on subjects from anthropology to zoology, philosophy to politics, comedy to psychology.

Over that time, our contributors have included most major writers and thinkers, from Virginia Woolf and Henry James, Philip Larkin and Mario Vargas Llosa, to Mary Beard and Margaret Atwood.

Our guiding principle for the selection of pieces has been, for the past 116 years, twofold: is it interesting; and is it beautifully written?

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“The TLS keeps me in touch with fellow trouble makers everywhere. Brutal argument and unpredictable conclusions guaranteed. No fear, no favour, tough criticism as it used to be. What’s not to love?” – Mary Beard

With the TLS, you will discover:

  • The widest subject range imaginable – from algorithms to Ancient Rome, from Michelangelo to Hamilton, from Homer to Hilary Mantel
  • A uniquely global publication: we publish reports from countries such as Syria, North Korea, Iceland, Turkey, Japan and Zimbabwe as well as Western Europe and North America – and we cover books in their original languages, for instance, Emmanuel Macron’s political philosophy and Xi Jinping’s Big White Book
  • Hundreds of contributors from around the world who bring their expertise – and their style – to bear on literature, culture, history and politics


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